2019LE-CATAnalyse and categorise textual data using a specified lexicon (categorisation schema) for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (University of Warwick); CRC ‘Media of Cooperation’ (University of Siegen)
2018AppcestryAnalyse Android APK files to identify code base similarities.betaappcestry.jasontc.netappcestry.jasontc.netJason Chao (University of Warwick)
2017App Tracker TrackerDetect software development libraries used in Android APK files.betatools.digitalmethods.netwiki.digitalmethods.netDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam)
2015Google Play ‘Similar’ AppsExtract the details of Android apps, collect ‘Similar’ Android apps, and extract their details.betatools.digitalmethods.netwiki.digitalmethods.netDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam)
2013iTunes StoreQuery the iTunes Store and extract the details of iOS apps.betatools.digitalmethods.netwiki.digitalmethods.netDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam)