2019LE-CATAnalyse and categorise textual data using a specified lexicon (categorisation schema) for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (University of Warwick); CRC ‘Media of Cooperation’ (University of Siegen)
2018Walkthrough ExplorerAnalyse and compare app interface screens in specified apps.betaCentre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (University of Warwick)
2018AppcestryAnalyse Android APK files to identify code base similarities.betaappcestry.jasontc.netappcestry.jasontc.netJason Chao (University of Warwick)
2017App Tracker TrackerDetect software development libraries used in Android APK files.betatools.digitalmethods.netwiki.digitalmethods.netDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam)
2015Google Play ‘Similar’ AppsExtract the details of Android apps, collect ‘Similar’ Android apps, and extract their details.betatools.digitalmethods.netwiki.digitalmethods.netDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam)
2013iTunes StoreQuery the iTunes Store and extract the details of iOS apps.betatools.digitalmethods.netwiki.digitalmethods.netDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam)