The App Studies Initiative (ASI) is an international collaboration to advance research into mobile apps at the universities of Toronto, Amsterdam, and Siegen.

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Speculative data selfies

Speculative data selfies by Fernando N. van der Vlist and Anne Helmond In: Internet Policy Review. Available from: https://policyreview.info/articles/news/speculative-data-selfies/449. Excerpt This… Read More

App support ecologies: An empirical investigation of app-platform relations

App support ecologies An empirical investigation of app-platform relations by Carolin Gerlitz, Fernando N. van der Vlist, Anne Helmond, and… Read More

Het ecosysteem van platformen

Het ecosysteem van platformen by Fernando N. van der Vlist In: van Dijck, JFTM, Poell T, and de Waal BGM (2016) De… Read More